“Hatch Out”

“In 2007, under the recommendation of one of my friends a sports fitness training club owner in Shanghai happened to know me and she asked me to produce some latin and ballet dancing dresses for girl students who shall learn dancing in her club. Her purchasing quantity is 400pieces. She had told us the reason why she came to meet me is that she hoped to find someone who are professional in garment industry to do this for her and she knew I was born in “the city of garment” and had formal training experience in vocational technical school and had been already engaged in garment industry for eight years. She said if she bought from market or elsewhere she would worry about the quality. Therefore, she choosed to trust me and rely me about this order because she regarded me as an expert. Then, as you can imagine, I accepted this order and worked together with my partner Yvonne for two months and finally we finished the task and delivered goods on time with nice quality. I think this can be regarded as our first order and it delivered the birth of Linyi Style.” —— Co-founder Lilian

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