Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q.: What is your advantage? 
   A.: We are flexible to needs of clients. We have over ten years’ garment experience and over fourteen years' trade experience. We are familiar with various types of woven and knitted garments. We have strong sourcing capability and understand the quality that clients need.
2. Q.: How can we work with you?
   A.: We are in touch with most clients via emails, whatsapp, wechat, phone. We send you material and product samples by international courier express such as Fedex, DHL, SF…etc. 
3. Q.: What type of products does Linyi export?
   A.: We are great at garments, home textile products, pet clothes & pet beds as well as plush toys. 
4. Q.: I am a designer and want to develop my line of clothing. Could you help? I don’t want my designs to be copied.
   A.: Yes. We can work with designers in developing their logo print/embroidery and creations. We are passionate about helping new designers to start their brands. Our company policies restrain us from sharing our customer's designs with others. 
5. Q.: Do you do private labelling?
   A.: Yes. We supply garments with buyer’s own custom labelling. We work based on your custom design and specification you provide to us. 
6. Q.:  I am looking for a wholesaler to buy ready stock for my clothing boutique, can I see your collection? 
   A.: Usually we don’t keep very large stock. If you need to purchase stock styles, pls send us your requirement. We can send you information of our recommended similar stock styles. And we don’t sell any styles which requires licensor approval.
7. Q.:  What is your minimum order quantity for production? 
   A.: It depends on product type, material and MOQ that our factories and material mills accept.   Please contact us to discuss. 
8. Q.:  What is your lead time?
   A.: Our lead time depends on many factors: style & material, complexity, season, other production orders in schedule, what machines your styles require, order quantity…etc.   Generally speaking production leading time for garments is about 2-4months from developing to shipping. Please contact us to discuss.
9. Q.: Are our ideas confidential?
   A.: Absolutely. We will happily sign a non-disclosure upon request. All our employees are reminded in our meetings how crucial the clients confidentiality is to our success.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us email or call us via whatsapp,wechat or cell phone.